The Best of Fall

Herringbone The Best of Fall

Executive Chef Jessie Glessner’s affinity for fresh, local ingredients is nothing short of amazing!

With her fruitful upbringing in Kauai, Hawaii, Chef Glessner is the perfect source for those looking to dig into the bounty that Fall has to offer. First up? Apples. And it isn’t just apple pie that draws Chef Glessner in, “I love the crispness that a Fall apple has. They are great to eat raw as an easy to-go snack, or in a leafy green salad…the crunchier, the better in my opinion!”

Of course, we musn’t forget about all the other Fall favorites like baby beets, squash, sunchokes, and pumpkin. “I love to roast beets, especially during the Fall when they are the freshest. Simply roasting them in the oven brings out the sweetness of this underground beauty,” says Glessner.

Be sure to check out your local Farmer’s Market for any of these fresh finds and tell us what you are planning to cook up!


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