How to Wine & Brine

Herringbone How to Wine & Brine

Sometimes it is the simplest ingredients in life that make the most memorable dining experiences; and what better way to cultivate those than experiences than with the classic pairing of Wine & Brine.

Before we dish out our favorite pairings, let us give you a few tips to help when selecting from the ever-growing list of oyster varietals available.

Let us start by saying: every oyster is not created equal but that does not mean one is ‘better’ than another. Sweet, salty, savory, melon notes, fruity, mild, firm, buttery and the taste profile list goes on…and it settles directly on your taste buds as to what varietal you prefer. So be adventurous and sample them all!


#1) General Rule: Oysters are divided into East Coast and West Coast categories. East Coast gems are typically more brinier and mild, while on the West Coast you will taste something with sweeter notes.
#2) Try the first oyster ‘naked’ to understand it’s true flavor profile; a flavor that is reminiscent of the ocean waves.
#3) Once you’ve enjoyed the slurp of the sea, dress your pearl with fresh lemon, a tangy mignonette or even a cocktail sauce.
#4) Want a pro tip? Make sure to always loosen your oyster from its shell before slurping!

OK, now put down the tiny fork and let’s get you a glass of wine!

Melony Oysters – Kumamoto, Olympias, Pacific
Pairs well with a bubbly glass of French Champagne to bring out a sweet and salty contrast
Herringbone suggests: Perrier-Jouet “Belle Epoque” or Moët & Chandon, Brut Rosé

Briny Oysters – Blue Points, East Coast Oysters
Pairs well with a dry white wine like a Napa Valley Chardonnay or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to get a zesty contrast
Herringbone suggests:  Laird, Cold Creek or Cloudy Bay, Marlborough

Creamy Oysters – Kusshis, Fanny Bays
Pairs well with a crisp white wine like a Muscadet to give an acidic contrast
Herringbone suggests: Les Clissages d’Or, Loire Valley

So whether it be under the twinkling of 100-year-old olive trees in La Jolla, on the patio in Las Vegas, with a view of the ocean in Santa Monica, or on the Grand Lanai in Waikiki, your wine & brine experience will surely be one to remember.

Comment below with your favorite oyster pairing! 


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