Feast of the Seven Fishes

Herringbone Feast of the Seven Fishes

The Feast of Seven Fishes is a long-standing tradition of those with Italian-American heritage.

Haven’t heard of it? Let us enlighten you!

Related to the Christmas holiday, The Feast of Seven Fishes originated from a tradition of abstaining from red meat on Christmas Eve. As a substitute, many would eat fish instead.

Where the term “Seven Fishes” originated is unclear, but at Herringbone, we’ll never turn down an excuse to cook up some California Coastal fare, especially with the type of Italian-American twist that only Executive Chef Geno Bernardo could provide!

As you probably guessed from the name, we’ll have a special menu on December 24th and 25th with seven different seafood dishes.

Among the list are our Yellowfin Tuna & Hamachi Crudo (with fennel, apple, radish, and yuzu), Point Judith Calamari (with Gaeta olives, UrbanSeed greens, and puttanesca), Grilled Swordfish (with charred romaine and romesco), and more!

And of course, we’ll have a whole Stuffed Maine Lobster waiting for you!

And in true Vegas fashion, we’ll also be running brunch, lunch, and our regular dinner menu on Christmas Eve; and lunch and dinner (and Football Specials) on Christmas Day. So feel free to stop in for your regular favorites OR our exquisite seafood delights, it’s up to you!

Fun Facts about the Feast:

  •        In Italy, eel is the most popular seafood dish served on Christmas
  •        The Feast of Seven Fishes is referenced in a Golden Girls Christmas episode, where Sophia mentions that Sicilians eat eel on Christmas
  •        Not everyone agrees on the number seven. Some families choose to have eight, nine, eleven, or even thirteen seafood dishes on this day!
  •        Scungilli, a chewy delicacy (also known as conch) is sometimes served for this feast. It has an unusual texture and taste, and is often tenderized, boiled, then chilled.

Join us on December 24th or 25th (or both!) as we embark upon the seas for this special feast. Make your reservation now to save your seat!

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